Cheesy Crab and Artichoke Dip

Even before this dip was ready, I was hovering by the oven, mouth watering, impatiently waiting to dig in and burn the absolute life out of my mouth.  I knew it was going to be good.  It was loaded up with cheese, lump crab meat, and artichokes.  There was no way it was going to be anything but amazing.
Cheesy Crab and Artichoke Dip. SWOON.
Just look at that golden brown cheese, begging to be broken up by crusty slices of bread.  I can’t believe I even managed to get a picture before shoving it all in my face.  I’m a grown woman and still have no self control when you put something cheesy in front of me.  NO SELF CONTROL AT ALL.
I was on a diet for about 15 seconds before this baby came out of the oven.  I ain’t even mad ’bout it.
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Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed “Chicken Piccata”

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m typically a homebody on weekends.  Some of my favorite activities include laying around in pajamas, marathon watching Netflix, and playing online poker from the comfort of my laptop (bonus points if I play while laying in bed/watching TV).  I’m, like, incredibly good at powering through multiple seasons of hit shows in one sitting and I’ve really got my lounging perfected at this point, but I’ve gotta admit that I’m no professional poker player.

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed "Chicken Piccata"-- Tender chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta, served piccata style in a lemon, white wine, caper sauce.  Perfect for Valentine's Day!

James, on the other hand, is a pretty talented at Texas Hold’Em.  And by that, I mean that he is good enough to have won a trip to Washington, DC with transportation, hotel, and breakfast for two included, as well as two awesome seats to the Devils @ Caps game and passes to meet the team afterwards.
It was an amazing trip, and just a few weeks before, James and I enjoyed a nice weekend getaway in Atlantic City for his birthday, so I was feeling like a new woman– a woman who has only slightly missed her normal Netflix routine!  I could get used to this whole “going out” thing…
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Cheesesteak Potato Skins

For all of my life, I’ve lived only minutes away from Philadelphia.  I’ve been to Pat’s and Geno’s, I’ve had my cheesesteaks wiz wit or with a generous amount of provolone, I’ve made them at home, I’ve laughed when people call them “Philly Steak and Cheeses”, and I’ve firmly asserted my old belief that green peppers do not belong on real Philly Cheesesteaks. (However, hot cherry peppers are perfectly acceptable.)
Cheesesteak Potato Skins.  These appetizers are so tasty and pretty simple to put together!
But I’ve only vaguely stepped into actually toying with what I defined as a cheesesteak, breaking my golden rule once and adding green peppers into a super easy calzone inspired by the infamous Philadelphia sandwich.  And guess what?  It was good.  I also used Steak Ums.  And I added mushrooms.  I can feel the Philadelphian disapproval growing, but just hear me out, guys… ok?
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Jamaican Jerk Chicken Quesadillas

I take after my dad in many ways– my endearing disorganization (can’t blame me for trying to make it sound like a good thing), my creativity, and of course, my desire to cover anything and everything in jerk seasoning if given a chance.  There was always a jar of Walkerswood in the fridge growing up, and I loved it more and more every time we rubbed it on chicken, turned it into a marinade for shrimp, or just straight-up scooped it on to our plates to use as a condiment for whatever we were eating.  (Seriously, and I still do this.  It’s that good.)
By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post by Walkerswood or anything like that, but Walkerswood is the only jerk seasoning brand worth buying, at least in my area.  There are varying degrees of spiciness, so make sure you pay attention to the label when picking up a jar.
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Quesadillas-- with shredded jerk chicken, red beans, tostones, and havarti cheese, this quesadilla is the BEST QUESADILLA I've ever had.  And I've had a lot.
Anyway, jerk seasoning got me started, but I’ve come to realize that I really just love Jamaican food in general.  The crunchy tostones, the red beans and rice, the flavorful fruit– it’s all got it’s own special place in my food-loving heart, and I’ve been trying to think of a cool way to combine it all for months now.  Finally, I came up with the idea of throwing it together in a quesadilla, but I had NO IDEA how amazing it would turn out to be.
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Tequila Lime Chicken Sandwiches with Guacamole and Chipotle Mayo

When I go out to eat at a casual restaurant, there’s about a 75% chance I’m going to get a chicken sandwich if there is one on the menu.  It’s only 75% because sometimes I like to “broaden my horizons”, or whatever you’d like to call it.  But the truth is I could get chicken sandwiches every time and never get sick of them.
Tequila Lime Chicken Sandwiches with
There is one complaint I have to make about pretty much every chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, though, and that is that it is always missing something.  That’s not to say it’s not delicious, but every time I get a chicken sandwich, I always wind up thinking, “this would be better if the chicken was marinated/it had a sauce/there was guacamole/it was spicier/it was cheesier,” etc.  Then I go home, think about how I should make a chicken sandwich for the blog, and then 20 minutes later I forget.
Usually.  But not this time.
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