Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so that means it’s time for me to share some super snacks.  Last year, I did a Buffalo Chicken Super Bowl Extravaganza that everyone seemed to like (because who doesn’t love buffalo chicken?) and then I told myself I wouldn’t make any more buffalo chicken recipes until this Super Bowl… but I was lying to myself.  I couldn’t help but throw together this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder a few months ago and I don’t regret it at all.  However, when I realized the Super Bowl was approaching, I had a hard time thinking of a new recipe using the ultimate football food as a base.  I thought I had done it all.
I was wrong, obviously.
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs for the Super Bowl (or a delicious and guilt-free party snack!)
What can’t you do with buffalo chicken?  You can put it in loaves of pull-apart bread, you can stuff it in poppers, use it as a dip, pile it in potato skins, and make it into insanely addictive and pop-able mini meatballs.  You know, like the ones in the picture above.
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Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder

Depending on how long you’ve been hangin’ ’round here, you may or may not remember my Buffalo Chicken Extravaganza last year.  Basically, when the Super Bowl was drawing near, I went absolutely balls-to-the-wall, full-speed-ahead into buffalo chicken territory.  Afterwards, I vowed to lay off of the buffalo chicken for about a year, and I almost succeeded.  Almost.  It’s been about 9 1/2 months, and I really think that’s long enough, don’t you?
Buffalo Chicken Corn Chowder But wait! There’s more…

Blue Cheese Garlic Beer Bread

Now that the cold weather has finally kicked in, most people are dreaming about baking up cookies, apple creations, and pumpkin masterpieces.  You can definitely lump me in with that bunch– my kitchen has been smelling like brown sugar and cinnamon for the past several weeks now, and there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon.  However, there is one thing I get even more excited to make every year when the temperature drops– a different scent I love lingering throughout the house as the oven gives off an extra boost of warmth– and that, my friends, is bread.
Blue Cheese Garlic Beer Bread
When I decided to make bread, I knew I wanted to load it up with some of my favorite ingredients, because the beckon to creative freedom in a loaf of bread is just too inviting to deny.  I thought about packing in chocolate chips, fruit, or nuts, but none of it seemed exciting enough.  I wanted a flavor explosion, because I believe there’s really no other way to live than going all in.  Keeping that in mind, I loaded this up with all of my favorites: blue cheese, garlic, onions, and beer… and it was glorious.
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Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread

(Part of the Super Bowl Theme Thursday Series)

Before you go all crazy telling me what a great idea this is, let me apologize.  I did not make this recipe up.  I saw this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread from Bev Cooks on Pinterest, and knew I had to try it out for myself, with a few adaptations to suit my tastes and make it easier.
Buffalo Chicken Pull-Apart Bread
This is basically buffalo chicken pizza in a loaf… a loaf of bread you can pull apart and eat.  And share.  Or not.
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