10 Gifts for Everyone On Your List

It’s well passed the time of year when holiday shopping begins, but if you’re a procrastinator like me, odds are you have a few people left to check off on your gift list.  (Or all of the people.  I’m not judging.)  In order to help you out, I made this gift guide with 10 gifts for every type of person you have to buy presents for!  Well, maybe not every kind of person– I don’t have time for that.  But lots of kinds of people, and we’re going to keep the title anyway.
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Happy IPA Day!

It’s the first day of August, which has most of us pretty bothered about how quickly the summer months have slipped by.  However, for hop-lovers, August 1st holds a completely different (and much more exciting) significance– it’s IPA Day.  That means it’s time to celebrate, people.

IPA day logo

I just found out about IPA Day today (talk about being out of the loop), and I didn’t know what to think at first.  I’m not the sort to usually scoff at holidays for their Hallmark-iness (just go with it), but the “National Insert-Random-Food-or-Cocktail Day” craze that has been sweeping social media and blog posts all over seems like a marketing scheme more often than not to me.  Then again, go ahead and cast out that IPA-marketing bait.  I’ll always bite.  Happily.

Upon further examination,  IPA day did originate to get people to buy more IPA, but not just for that– to get people to learn about it, to love it, and to spread their knowledge to others.  IPA Day started in 2011 when craft beer connoisseurs Ashley Rouston (better known as The Beer Wench) and Ryan A. Ross (certified Cicerone) decided that there should be at least an entire day dedicated to raising your IPA glasses for a toast to one of the biggest names in the craft beer scene.  The people agreed.  Don’t you?  I do.

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Link Love: Nutella Edition!

I have a confession to make.

I’m usually pretty awesome with self-control when I put my mind to it.  Sure, I have my faults, but in general, I have the willpower of a monk.

But there are other times; dark times; times when my self-control is reduced to that of a 4 year old.  If that 4 year old also had seriously impulsive tendencies, and was, for some strange reason, let into a candy store without any adult supervision, that would probably be more accurate of an analogy.

These times don’t happen often, but they most certainly always occur when I smell the alluringly sweet aroma of perfectly balanced chocolate and hazelnut overflowing from an opened jar of creamy goodness.  With just one breath, all of my previously mentioned iron-clad willpower is reduced to a damp cardboard box, trampled by reckless abandon.  I grab a spoon, huddle in a dark corner where no one can see me, and swat away feelings of guilt as I shove my face full of sugar and modified palm oil.  Oh, Nutella.

That being said, after perusing the Internet yesterday, I realized that I was bookmarking Nutella recipe after Nutella recipe.  It just didn’t seem fair that I was keeping all of these delicious inspirations to myself, so out of the kindness of my Nutella-loving heart, I put this “Link Love” together for you to enjoy.  If you actually have read all of this introductory rambling, I’ll admit, I’m surprised.  Go!  Be free to explore the wondrous things you can create with Nutella, and try not to salivate on your keyboard!
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Victory Prima Pils

20 craft beer drafts, 140 bottles, and buck-a-shuck oysters.  Oh my.
When I walked through the door to The Pour House in Westmont, NJ last Wednesday and laid eyes on their draft selection board,  an inexplicable feeling of being in the right place at the right time came over me.  Think, Monty Python-esque heavenly “Ahhh” sound effect.  Are we on the same page now?

Victory Prima Pils

I had heard a lot about The Pour House in the past, but I had never been there until my friend Amanda suggested that we go, spur-of-the-moment.  It’s rare for me to turn down an adventure that ends in good beer (thank goodness) so we wound up at the self-proclaimed “Better Beer Bar” on buck-a-shuck oyster night.  Oysters aren’t my thing, but I was almost tempted to eat them anyway because of how excited everyone seemed to be as they ate their oysters.  Almost.
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Bodum Pavina Glasses

Honest-to-Goodness Reviews: Bodum Pavina Glasses

Say goodbye to coasters and lukewarm drinks and hello to the Bodum Pavina Glasses.

What they are:

Bodum Pavina Glasses are drinking glasses that have 2 wall layers.



What they do:

The double-wall construction of the Bodum Pavina Glasses allows it to maintain the temperature of your drink.  Hot drinks will stay hot, cold drinks will stay cold, and the outside of the glass will never warm up too much to handle like, say, a coffee mug would.  The drinks also don’t sweat, so no condensation will ruin your tabletops.
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