St. Patrick’s Day 2013 Bar Crawls Across the US! (& a Contest!)

If you read my Corned Beef Hash Sliders post, then you already know that I’m planning on participating in a bar crawl this weekend.  What I didn’t realize when I posted that, was that it is very difficult to figure out which bar crawl to attend.  I had dozens of people texting me over the past week or so, asking me what I planned on doing for St. Patrick’s Day, and if I was going out in Philly.  I decided the best plan of attack was to  make a list of bar crawls in Phiadelphia to send to my friends so that they would have to choose, because I’m not decisive so that choosing would be easier.
Long story short, I eventually decided to make a bar crawl list for cities all across the United States, so that I could help you find a bar crawl in your area to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.  Simply click on the name of the city you’d like to celebrate in, and you’ll be navigated to the events.  If you’d prefer, you can also just scroll through; the cities are in alphabetical order.
By the way, while you’re out, tweet @hostthetoast with updates about the bars you visit.  We’d love to hear where the great deals are, where the best music is, and where the most fun is, and if it’s a good tip, we’ll retweet!  Be sure to hashtag the city you are in at the end of your tweet, so that people in your area can find the fun.  Also, tweet @hostthetoast pictures of you and your friends celebrating St. Patrick’s Day weekend, using the hashtag #luckyme.  Some lucky partiers will get their pictures retweeted, and one randomly chosen sender will even win a Metrokane Electric Cocktail Shaker!

The list of bar crawls starts after the jump…

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Keep Calm and Merry On

(Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas)

Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve—if you want to see me swoon with excitement, all you have to do is remind me that one of these days is “just around the corner”.  The tinge of responsibilities, bills, and daily worries quickly dulls as it is blanketed by the saccharine anticipation of decorations, celebrations, and copious amounts of food and drinks to come. The most wonderful time of the year for such holiday enthusiasm?  Well, it’s Christmas time, of course.



I know that some people out there are not fans of the Christmas season.  My boyfriend is one of them.  He will be the first to tell you that all things time-consuming, expensive, and overwhelming characterize this time of year.  I do get the point; but how can one not love Christmas?  I imagine Mr. Kringle softly sobbing at the notion.

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The Quest for Oktoberfest Part I: The 7th Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival and McGillin’s Famous Pumpkin Bomb Recipe!

It’s that time of the year again.  The time of the year when the pool is closed and lonely in the backyard; when your favorite pair of shorts are packed neatly away; when no matter how much you smash, squish, and shove down the damp, decaying leaves, you still fill 20 trash bags a day.

While that idea may send a shiver up your spine, just a few days into the season, it’s nearly impossible not to fall back in love with Fall.  Pumpkin spice, warm bowls of soup, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, the World Series, apple cider, and football are just a few of the joys of the season.  The summer’s Instagram-filtered beach pictures can’t compare to the sight of vibrantly colored leaves you’re going to get from your own backyard this month.  When the air is so crisp you can taste it, even raking doesn’t seem so unbearable anymore.


A group of friends enjoys drinks at the festival, including a piña colada served from a hollowed-out pineapple; left. The flyer for the 7th Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival; center. Four friends taste various cupcakes from the Sweetbox Truck; right.

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